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Payroll and Statutory Compliance are crucial aspects of business. Streamlined and error free processes can help you unlock business insights, improve compliance and steer your business in right direction.

Payroll Processing

We offer a full-fledged payroll solutions that reduces your processing costs while ensuring accurate, streamlined and consistent execution of your payroll and compliance needs.

Statutory Compliance

Our legal experts ensure that clients stay on the right side of all statutory and legal requirements and remain 100% compliant, including managing PF, ESI, PT, 24Q & Form 16.

Employee Self-Service

Our award-winning portal, 247HRM, enables employees to view & update their information in real time. This enhances employee experience while minimizing time & effort.

Employee Helpdesk

Our help Desk is a query management service for effective channelisation and resolution of employee issues. Our support centre works rigorously to resolve all queries that may arise.

Reporting for Decision Making

Get the right insight and make key decisions with our comprehensive reports on salaries,headcount changes, time and attendance,leaves, loans, etc.

Accurate Deductions and Filing

Our payroll outsourcing services cover end to end payroll compliances, including calculation, deduction, and filing of returns for PF, PT, ESI, LWF, and TDS.

About us

We are the distinctive firm of choice for payroll consulting solutions, outsourcing and co-sourcing, tax proof management, leave/absence management, employee self service, as we have an ingenious and innovative commercial outlook. We take pride in making your payroll highly decisive and potent at an impeccable price. We are offering a comprehensive payroll processing services to a broad range of discerning clients.

Why Choose Us?

Payroll processing is indeed a brain storming process. Outsourcing payroll can free up staff to pursue other important value added and revenue generating activities.

The direct costs of payroll processing can be greatly reduced by working with an efficient payroll provider. Moreover, cost saving for the company on outsourcing payroll processing is extremely significant and it can go up to 500% at times also.

By outsourcing payroll, you can free yourself from worrying about fines and penalties. It is believed that nearly 40% of businesses pay penalties due to late or incorrect fillings. But this unwanted situation can be avoided by availing the services of a payroll provider as many payroll outsourcing companies also give a tax guarantee and they make sure that you do not need to pay any fine. For this reason alone, it is justify to outsource payroll.

Management can now focus more on dealing with pivotal business issues instead of the nitty gritty issues. This in turn help in saving time and energy which can be utilized for better use.

Doing payroll on your own is indeed a risk process as along with your core issues, you need to take care of other confusing aspects of payroll also, like updating tax tables, submitting reports and making payments. This diverts the attention from important work and at the same increases the change of occurrence of mistakes. But by outsourcing payroll, you can free yourself from such woes.

Outsource pay roll experts are always available at your beck and call, so you don’t need to keep a close watch on the constantly changing rules. Also, you are now free from updating your latest payroll software.

Manual payroll is a headache and many times becomes a nightmare in the worst case. Business owners who outsource payroll curtail a tiresome source of personal pain.